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Warning Against the Heineken Lottery Scam on its website.
However, anyone can do an internet search for a new balance promo code 2018 uk legitimate name to use on these scam mails.
If you want to, you can report the scam to the proper authorities.How they address you: the con artists don't really know anything about you, so they won't address you by name or include any identifying information like a legitimate winning email would.By, sandra Grauschopf, updated January 19, 2017, have you received a winning email claiming that you have won the Heineken Lottery Promotion (or a similar-sounding drawing)?If more than one person submits the same number, it will be invalid, and you won't get your money!The mails instruct their victims not to tell anyone they've won, and not to share the mail because then your winning number will become public.Vollständiges Profil ansehen, blockieren, link zum Tweet kopieren, embed this Video.Heineken also asks for measures, if possible, against such organizations." Heineken also points out that many large businesses have their company name, employees names, and logos abused by this type of scam.Many times, the scam email is "signed" by someone who really does work at Heineken.

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The email address it comes from: if you look at the originating email address, it doesn't cadeau connerie pour 30 ans appear to come from Heineken or from a legitimate sweepstakes agency.
Some of the tricks they use include: They tell people their email was chosen at random from among all email addresses, so that people don't wonder how they could have won a sweepstakes they didn't enter.
Here are some things to look out for: Poor grammar and spelling: a legitimate company like Heineken would hire copywriters and editors.
Remember: you never need to pay money to claim a legitimate prize!The coupon réduction dell inspiron Heineken Lottery is an example of an advance-fee scam, a common rip-off that con men use to try to convince victims to hand over money by promising an even larger sum of money in return.However, no tickets were sold but all e-mail addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy.".So if you haven't been to the UK, you can't win a UK lottery.Part of the warning states: "heineken wants to emphasize that it is neither related to the described lotteries, prize draws or job offers, nor is it connected to any alleged organisation that e-mailed.What Heineken Has to Say about These Scams: While Heineken does run legitimate sweepstakes for marketing purposes, they do not run lotteries.